These posts are mainly a replacement for my rubbish memory, but other people may find them useful so they’re public.

Interesting links found this week

  • It’s been years since I’ve had to worry about assembler luckily, but it’s always good to know these things.
  • [](Generating random numbers using C++ standard library: the problems) Random numbers are complex.

Things I’ve done

I made the possibly stupid decision to remake my Unreal game in 4.25 because it was enough versions behind that automatic upgrading wasn’t quite working. I do a lot of landscape things in code and that’s changed enough to mean a lot of it would be just better off being rewritten, and copying and pasting the rest of the contents isn’t too bad.

I’m also using Rider for it now, and it seems a lot nicer to use than Visual Studio because it understands Unreal better.