These posts are mainly a replacement for my rubbish memory, but other people may find them useful so they’re public.

Light week this week because I’ve been busy coding.

Interesting links found this week

  • C++20: The Advantage of Modules I dream of the world where I can hide all the Window.h #define baggage behind a module, but so far the IDE support is dire and the code support only just about works.
  • Introduction to WinRT/C++. My week in one link.
  • A first look at Unreal 5. The hype train begins, but as always I’m assuming that the advantages aren’t going to be as simple as a lot of people are assuming. I wonder how well it compares to using a mesh shader to the full potential as well? Lastly are we going to find out that from now on any flat surfaces in games are complained about because they’re lazy and don’t have enough polygons? I’m only half joking about that…

Things I’ve done

Not much game dev this week as I’ve mostly been getting up to speed on winrt/c++. XAML and C++ without managed code appeals to me. XAML is a fantastic technology for doing complicated things, but it’s best summed up as making the hard things easy and the easy things hard.

There’s a lot of improvements since the last time I really used it, back in the WPF days, and things like {x:Bind} instead of {Binding} makes binding a lot easier than before as it’s not just a case of running then noticing that one of the values wasn’t updating any more because you made a tiny change that you didn’t think about properly. The obscure and often rather generic errors you still get everywhere along the way are really helpful though…

Some things with winrt is really annoying though. The way that DateTime works and parsing them from a string. I’m pretty sure that I’ve run into an annoying bug there, but that’s for another post.

The little bit of game dev that I’ve done has been thinking about how I’m handing my data in the game. I’m dynamically generating my map from some input data and some rules (I don’t want to say it’s procedural because it’s really not) and I’m currently generating everything inside of Unreal. I think I’m going to move more of the generation outside and then import the models because as nice as Unreal is, it really doesn’t support runtime model generation in a nice enough way for me to use as I’d like. You lose too much on performance and the lighting.