These posts are mainly a replacement for my rubbish memory, but other people may find them useful so they’re public.

Interesting links found this week

  • Rendering volumetric clouds using signed distance fields
  • Use the UTF-8 code page Not really as useful as it seems, but lets you avoid using the W versions of functions and stick to the A ones. Very useful for interop with existing code libraries, really bad when you then hit a missing A function in windows. Is there a move back to A internally at Microsoft? Is the tyranny of WCHAR going away eventually?

Things I’ve done

I keep running into problems with my game (AKA my overly scoped disaster in waiting) and Unreal, the biggest being that I don’t know what I’m really doing well enough to know if the way I’m doing things is right or not. This is why I’ve started playing around at a more low level doing things so that I can learn how things really work.

This kind of means I’m recreating the wheel in pure C++ but I think it’ll be useful and not a massive waste of my time. Hopefully. I’m not dropping Unreal or anything, that would be insane, but getting bits and bobs working without all the fluff means that I can concentrate more. The ability to dynamically create meshes in Unreal for instance keeps getting in my way and removing it while I do the working out the details of how I’m generating the interesting part of the models is really helpful. Going back to basics did get me distracted by trying to get games running on Xbox for reasons that really don’t make sense, but I had a long weekend off work and I’m really bad at not getting distracted after reading random MSDN pages.

I’ve also updated some map importing code so that it now has a resolution of 10cm rather than 1m which will be important later on and made a simple 2D viewer that renders the map REALLY slowly. It does have a fetching green to it though so I really want to do something with that look in the future. Map render