Dungeon Game Update 1a (Goals)

I need to learn how to use Unreal, so I’m documenting it along the way. Each status update will be two posts: the first (like this one) will give some goals, and then it will be followed up with the results as I’ve worked through them.

I wanted a project that would let me explore creating an interesting atmosphere and world in a game and so I came up with an idea for a dungeon exploring game[1]. Before I get to the interesting atmosphere stuff I think I need to get a bit of a game written first and so came up with these initial goals:

  • 1st person game where you enter a dungeon and need to find the way down to the next deeper level. Spawn at point A. Win by opening a door at point B.
  • The dungeon is uninhabited at this stage so there’s no need for combat systems.
  • Grab some available textures from Substance for now and there’s no need to actually make it look good yet.
  • Borrow some sounds from the internet for things like footsteps, doors opening etc.

From a “what I don’t know yet” point of view I probably need to learn how to do the following tasks for this:

  1. Have a 1st person walk around example in Unreal. I suspect the default 1st person project will be more than good enough.
  2. Create a dungeon. This can just be some walls, a floor and ceiling.
  3. Interact with a door. When you’re close to it and press the action button the level can end.
  4. Menu/Game/Win screens.

Working on the idea of the minimum viable product I want to have it be a playable game from day one, but not worry about finding the fun until a bit later.

  1. I was probably thinking about Ultima Underworld at the time ↩︎